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Does traditional watchmaking work with wearable tech?

A watch can do more for you than tell the time. In fact, a smartwatch can be more than just a device: it’s a way of connecting to the past, whereas the other is a small computing device that connects users to the present, which is ephemeral. Both appear diametrically different and fighting for the same space on your wrist however is it really possible to get the benefits of both in one device? Both tech and watch companies are convinced.

The Apple Watch remains the best of what the tech world can present to your wrist. Its sleek appearance and smooth user interface are thanks in large part to an operating system that’s fully in its creation from bottom upwards — it’s an “in-house movement,” in the terminology of watchmaking to use the term. Apple Watch Apple Watch outsells any other watch both in volume and revenue. It is rightfully the benchmark against the other smartwatches to be judged.

The success with the Apple Watch is why brands like TAG Heuer, Montblanc, and Louis Vuitton felt pushed to get in the game but they do offer a different perspective on the smartwatch. These luxury brands are recognized for their exquisite and refined items like watches with internal mechanical movements which, often, just tell the time, and can cost thousands of dollars. Their smartwatches claim to leverage decades of experience in the aspects of design and manufacturing of their cases, which gives them unique visions, but built on the same operating system developed by Google.

Is the past, the craft and prestige of the traditional watchmakers compatible with touchscreens and software updates, notification and eventually obsolescence?Read about https://clichemag.com/fashion/accessories/5-best-luxury-smartwatches/ At website What do these watchmakers have to offer to the world that is wearable tech? How do they compare with that of the Apple Watch? We put them to the test.

Traditional horology with the Apple Watch

Some of the oldest watchmakers have some heritage however, Apple has proved that it’s no horological snobby. The tech company enthusiastically points out that they’ve incorporated the latest technology to target specifically at lovers of traditional watches. “Did you notice?” they seem to be saying directly to the enthusiasts , with a wink. We did.

User-friendly Apple Watch features are the result of Cupertino closely and in-depthly studying the watch industry — after all the designer of industrial design and industry veteran Marc Newson was deeply involved with the design process from the beginning. Turn an Apple Watch over in your hand, inspect its finishing and design, use its Digital Crown, and notice the circular charging unit with sensors in the back of the case which is where traditional watches also put their power source on display…fans of traditional watchmaking are likely to find many similar features. The app also shows more.

The influence of the watch industry is apparent most clearly in the display (“face”) options based on traditional watchmaking designs like chronographs (stopwatches) as well as GMTs (second time zone displays). These Apple Watch faces where half the hour indices appear in Roman numerals, and the other half are Arabic? Watch nerds call the design”California dial “California dial” — they’ve been around through the 1940s. Apple calls the customizable bits of information that are integrated into watch faces “complications,” a term used by the watch industry however, many casual users aren’t familiar with it. Of course, second hands can be animated to move effortlessly, similar to mechanical watches, and.

The list of watches that have a traditional influence upon the Apple Watch goes on, and it also shows that the Apple Watch is designed as much more than the smallest version of a smartphone or tablet. It is also clear that Apple’s eyes are set on capturing the wrists of watch lovers, and luxury watch companies have two methods of fighting back: by engaging customers with traditional methods of making watches as well as by creating smartwatches with their own.

Similar to any other luxury product, the worth of these options is subjective and contested In other words depending on your preferences, desires, spending habits and preferences to determine whether the traditional and luxurious features are worth it on the form of a smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 6 ‘Edition’


The Series 6 is the most current culmination of the Apple Watch’s continual development and refinement, and the Edition is the highest-end variant, which is also available in it’s Hermes collaboration. As with other Apple Watch Editions, it’s the most distinctive feature is its case material, which had previously been similar to top-quality materials such as ceramic and even 18k gold. This Series 6 Edition has a titanium case that has an brushed finish and scratch-resistant treatment. Similar to the steel model, it’s also constructed with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Titanium is light and fascinating with its own distinct luster, however it doesn’t give the Edition appear like a massive step up from other versions.

An all-day display is standard on Apple Watches since Series 5 (though not for the less costly SE version) it means that you can check the time on a single glance without feeling that you’re walking around with an inanimate piece of glass on your wrist. Similar to other Apple products it is the Apple Watch (Edition or otherwise) has a high-end feel throughout that includes its user-friendly interface to its ergonomics, finishing and construction. The most important thing is that, when compared to other smartwatches manufactured by traditional luxury brands It is a great value at a reasonable price.

Diameter of 40mm and 44mm. Resistance 50m

Operating System: Apple iOS

Montblanc Summit Lite


Montblanc released the Summit Lite as an affordable alternative to its flagship Summit smartwatch. The Lite has a recycled aluminum case that has a more basic finish as opposed to the striking polished and brushed surfaces of these stainless steel Summit smartwatches, which cost around a hundred dollars more and is not too much more than Apple Watch Edition. Montblanc appears to be one of the players in what it calls “New Technology” and, before its fully-fledged smartwatches, launched an intriguing concept of a smart module integrated into a band of traditional watches.

Much like most smartwatches as with all smartwatches Summit line is geared towards fitness features and includes a range of proprietary apps. They primarily make use heart rate sensors and other ones to guide you in areas like cardio training or sleep, stress-management as well as “energy consumption.” The brand is different from others, Montblanc does not include the smartphone app specifically to work with the watches — which could be unnecessary in any case, since the Wear OS as well as Google Fit are probably more than sufficient.

Diameter: 43mm

Water Resistance 50m

Operating System: Google Wear OS

TAG Heuer Connected

$900.00 (28% off)

TAG Heuer was among the earliest to the smartwatch game and has also been among the most well-known traditional watchmakers in the market. To address the inevitable issue of computer obsolescence even introduced the Modular concept , where you could interchange traditional and smartwatch watch heads, sold as a set with a single case The idea was that you’d only have to update the smartwatch head whenever it got outdated.

The Connected, however, is simple smartwatch but it’s a remarkably refined one. The Carrera Case feels sleek, robust and well integrated with the overall image of a wearable designed for real-world use especially for sports. Its exclusive apps make it feel like they were designed by watchmakers. In addition, it has more than the finishing you’d expect of a luxury sport watch, but its pushers and crown that also functions for scroll wheels -they are as smooth as they are solid. Even its haptic feedback makes it feel luxurious.

Diameter: 45mm

Water Resistance: 50m

Google Wear OS Operating System Google Wear OS

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon

Louis Vuitton is a sister brand of TAG Heuer in the LVMH corporate group (along with Hublot it also makes a high-end smartwatch) however it has its own take on wearable tech. The other models featured here — and just about all smartwatches in use today — are all focused on fitness. A watch like the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon is distinct in that it features 30m of water resistance and does not include a heart rate sensor. It’ll count your steps and other data, but since it’s on a strap made of leather so you’ll probably need another smartwatch to swap out specifically to use at the gym.

Naturally, the famous name and recognizable look is part of the price premium Louis Vuitton is charging when compared to other smartwatch brands. The brand has a unique and unique experience , thanks to its distinct Tambour case , made of sandblasted steel and its renowned leather for the straps. Specialized faces make the entire package appear more cohesive, and include mobile apps that are geared towards travel, and designs derived from classic Louis Vuitton watches as well as new ones designed especially for the watch by Louis Vuitton Studios.

Diameter: 42mm

Water Resistance: 30m

Operating System: Google Wear OS

The future of luxury smartwatches

Are there any luxury smartwatches that surpasses it? Apple Watch for premium feel and a refined user interface? No. Do these watches offer some interesting alternatives to our current selection of Apple products? Certainly. For certain consumers, the standard European approach as well as Google Wear OS might be the right and satisfying choice however, how can companies that specialize in luxury do to make themselves more efficient?

Wearables expose the fact that what tech does is crucial in integrating it with a manner that improves people’s lives. Consumers and developers no longer are expecting smartwatches do all the things phones can. People don’t need to read newspapers or scroll through Instagram on a tiny screen. What smartwatches excel in is providing specific and limited information and conveniences, but they’ve proven most practical for fitness and health-related applications.

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