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Future through the Fog: Les rencontres de- Matthieu Brouillard ainsi que de Donigan Cumming – Zoe Tousignant

Having Brouillard, the newest find guides one take into account the importance of their own dating together with sufferers, who take into a shorter simple, humanity-as-particularly profile

Curated from the Erin Silver, that it bilingually (and smartly) titled exhibition juxtaposed functions by Matthieu Brouillard and you may Donigan Cumming, a few musicians exactly who, even though they is broke up because of the a production and therefore provides additional measures of expertise, was each other infamous to your Montreal artwork world. Brand new work off juxtaposition is actually, itself, a robust curatorial report, along with this case it is specifically worth drawing out its outcomes and you will implications. Position performs hand and hand to assess her or him try an elementary art-historic means – a perfect paradigm ‘s the twice projection in the artwork-history class, a strategy nonetheless used despite the change from analogue in order to digital glides. Within the perspective out-of events, it functions in much the same way: visitors are allowed to assess two-bodies out of functions facing for every single almost every other, observe where and just how it intersect or diverge. The brand new driving force about this tactic ‘s the idea that viewers’ understanding of per corpus could well be greater just after for example a meeting has had lay.

Rather than being recognized which have individual labels, an outline given by the brand new gallery and you may remaining towards counter in the middle of the room is actually truly the only key to choosing for every single artist’s sum

When you look at the “Upcoming through the Fog”, not, the kind of your juxtaposition went apart from the latest simple position out of performs near to one another. Brouillard’s and you can Cumming’s photos is actually overwhelmingly similar toward of a lot levels, a fact that was strengthened by several smart curatorial processes. New really works, that happen to be most of the printed in some highest types into the identical papers affixed directly to this new wall space with magnets, was conflated when you look at the health spa-build clusters. The most obvious take to from the blurring the newest range anywhere between Brouillard’s and you will Cumming’s methods is the new audacious signing up for, in two separate era, of the photos on a single print. The latest overriding effect developed by new expo, enhanced from the genuine photos picked, are therefore certainly one of sameness. Standing on told you counter in the centre of the gallery, I considered enveloped – this is good “one-room-inform you,” nearly installation-like in the incorporate – of the quite a few regulators, many of which was in fact completely or partly nude, and most of which just weren’t, as could have been told you, unappealing otherwise grotesque, but rather tragically and you may painfully ordinarying from the Fog try an possibility to review fragments from Cumming’s long-title photo projects, on the mid-eighties and you may 1990s, based on sexual relationship together with his sufferers (that are illustrated mainly regarding privacy of one’s own homes), and you will off Brouillard’s collection introduced given that very early 2000s, which set nameless bodies during the empty otherwise commercial areas and you can imbue them with heroic or mythological attributes.

Yet ,, when this overriding sameness try accepted and you may conceded so you can, the difference anywhere between their works were given the opportunity to appear. Ideal differences revolves within concept of control – this new control that each photographer appear to possess more than his respective victims and you can moments. Speaking within the filmic terminology, Brouillard can be seen because an Alfred Hitchcock style of: a movie director who carefully storyboards their views ahead of the performance. Brouillard’s photographs is remarkably lighted and his awesome subjects carefully positioned; he knows drama and you will isn’t really scared to use it. Cumming, however, should be likened to help you a beneficial Werner Herzog (inside the guise as good documentarian): a movie director who deftly coaxes from idiosyncrasies off his victims once the world unfolds. Discover a powerful section of disarray inside Cumming’s pictures – a sense one facts unbridled is grabbed.


Yet (again), just as Herzog’s exposure trailing the digital camera try unquestionable, so try Cumming’s, or it assuredly occurs when their really works are noticed by way of Brouillard’s fog. For this is the effect of the juxtaposition of the two techniques, in the end: the fresh new ostensible methodological distinction between her or him is positioned to your doubt. To own Cumming, rubbing arms that have Brouillard brings about the potential theatrics in the new and work out of his photo and you can emphasizes the latest directorial otherwise participative part played of the photographer. One is instantly and forcefully confronted not having government, but with people. It is well worth asking whether or not, when this melding out-of functions has had set, Brouillard’s and you will Cumming’s age means, especially given that expo could have been memorialized by the a catalog, co-produced by the new fofa Gallery and you may Centre sagamie, including essays because of the Erin Gold and Eduardo Ralickas, and additionally a mutual statement by the painters. I would personally venture that is exactly just what Brouillard and Cumming got in mind.

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